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                                          Fight On!


                         “Nevertheless she persisted.”


Women actively pursued suffrage for more than a hundred years before achieving it a century ago. The right to vote remains difficult to exercise for many Americans in many places. We must persist in securing that right. My new series, “Fight On,” uses images of the suffragettes as an embodiment of persistence in the face of violent, entrenched privilege. We can use the memory of that struggle as inspiration in the current fight to secure the right to vote for all citizens.


The suffragettes were imperfect but the legacy of their decades-long fight remains. Women’s suffrage itself is being attacked in the alt-right. They correctly see women as a force they need to neuter in order to attain their goals. We must fight on.


The suffragettes of the early 20th century used their clothing to express their cause. They fashioned pinafores printed with bold messages, transforming themselves into walking billboards. As a Feminist artist I follow their lead.

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